xQuest news

January 26th 2011

xQuest is now running on new hardware. Data can only be stored for 30 days.

November 9th 2010

11/2010 xQuest is in Nature: Pang, S.S., et al., The structural basis for autonomous dimerization of the pre-T-cell antigen receptor. Nature. 467(7317): p. 844-848.

October 2010 th 2010

xQuest is moved to a new server. During this time we expect some downtime. Sorry for that.

June 1st 2010

xQuest is back online.

Mai 22nd 2010

Due to space issues on our server we zipped all old analysis folders (older than 6 month).

September 22nd 2009

Bugfix: A bug was fixed that led to wrongly calculated ion-masses in mono-link and loop-links for y ions after the modification site.

September 4th 2009

  • Update in the spectrum comparison module: A bug in the comparison of light and heavy spectra was fixed that lead in some cases to missed common ion peaks. If you used isotopically labeled cross-linker you might want to rerun your searches to check if the bug affected your results. The searches of users that used light-only cross-linkers were not affected.
  • June 22nd 2009

    minor fixes:
  • a bug in the web interface was fixed that precluded certain amino acids from beeing indicated as reactive aminoacids
  • August 31st 2008

    New features:
  • A limitation to a peak number minimum of 25 was reduced to 2
  • May 14th 2008

    New features:
  • The dta spectrum upload function was replaced by a multiple spectra search option. A spectra archive in mgf format can be uploaded together with a list indicating isotopic pairs (optional)
  • Original spectra and processed spectra can be evaluated by clicking the link in the header of the result-table
  • Bug fixes:

  • In the ion-index mode a bug was fixed that caused a failure to identify longer monolinks and looplinks
  • In xBobcat naming of cross-link types was changed to be consistent with xQuest
  • In xQuest the scoring scheme was updated to be consistent with the published data. If you reanalyze your data please take this into account

  • info@xquest.org